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Appraiser Registration

AMSA is a National Appraisal Management Company providing appraisal and review services in 38 states. 

We provide service for conventional and FHA appraisals, commercial appraisals, mobile home appraisals, reviews and BPOs.


Are you the type of appraiser we are looking for?


  • High level of communication: confirms orders promptly, calls borrower within 24 hours of receipt of order, communicates any issues to us promptly and keeps us informed and updated on the appraisal progress.

  • Timely completion of reports- reports to be completed 48 hours after inspection

  • Quality work by state licensed or certified appraiser

We are only adding appraisers to our panel in certain markets where they are needed.  If you would like to inquire about being added to our panel please email us.  There are no fees for registering or uploading appraisals to our site.


Email Inquiries to Vendor Manager:   Thank you!

Appraisal Management Services of America Inc.

10061 Talbert Ave #300 Fountain Valley, California 92708
Phone: (800) 554-3411

Fax Numbers: Order Desk (714)-794-1339;  Accounting (714)-500-6644; Vendor Manager (714)-500-6645

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