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Why Us?

  • Fast turn times

  • Local appraisal experts

  • Personal account managers

  • Extended hours of operation

  • Custom reports and upgrades

  • Dodd-Frank & USPAP compliant

Personal Service

No more call centers!

AMSA assigns each client its own account manager(s). The dedicated team for each client will handle your orders from start to finish and always be there to personally assist you. Your account manager knows the ins and outs of your company's specific needs, requirements and order details. Many other AMC's operate as call centers and clients get a different person every time they call. We believe strongly in personal attention and making sure each clients individual needs are always met.

Manual Order Assigment

No Broadcasting Orders!

Individual selection of appraisers for each order: Your account manager will personally select the best appraiser suited for each assignment based on proximity to the subject, client requirments and current workload/ turn time. Other AMC's broadcast orders to multiple appraisers to see who accepts it first for the lowest fee or have their system set to auto-assign orders. We believe the best way to produce quality reports and provide the best service is to select the one appraiser that is most qualified for each individual assignment.

Use Your Own Approved Appraisers!

Appraiser Panel Management: AMSA offers our clients the option to provide us with an internal approved appraiser list. We can use your approved and ineleigble lists to selsect appraisers for your assignments either solely or jointly with our panel of over 8,000 appraisers nationwide.

Extended Hours of Operation

AMSA can set up your dedicated team to be here when you need us. This includes evenings weekends and some holidays. We stay in constant communication with clients to keep up with the changing market conditions, important month-end dates and holiday schedules.

Custom Reports and Updates

UPDATES: Clients can customize which updates they want to receive on their orders. This allows you to get the updates you want and not get overwhelmed with email status updates you do not need. We have eighteen different events that trigger updates such as Message Left, Scheduled, Inspection Complete, Being Typed, ect. The clients have control of notifications when logged into their account and can change it as often as needed.


REPORTS: AMSA will work with clients individually to custom-build reports for the information you need both for your day to day operations and monthly performance reports.

Appraisals are all we do!

Appraisal Valuations are all we do! We intentionally limit our services to appraisal and review products so we can focus on one thing and do it right. Other companies offering numerous services such as title, flood certs, etc., may not have their primary focus on the appraisal department. The appraisal is one of the most important parts of the loan process and should be given the greatest consideration.

Appraisal Management Services of America Inc.

10061 Talbert Ave #300 Fountain Valley, California 92708
Phone: (800) 554-3411

Fax Numbers: Order Desk (714)-794-1339;  Accounting (714)-500-6644; Vendor Manager (714)-500-6645

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